What Kind of Doctor Do I Need?

Here is a brief explanation of some of Valley Baptist’s common specialists to help you know which one is right for you:

Hospitalist – an internist or a family practitioner who oversees your care in the hospital—adjusting medications and responding to needs as they arise—while staying in communication with your surgeon and primary care physician.

Intensivist – a critical care specialist who takes care of you when your condition requires urgent and intensive care. A pulmonary specialist or critical care physician specially trained to care for critical needs.

Internist – a physician specially trained in internal medicine and who is able to diagnose and treat adult conditions. An internist can be a primary care physician for adults.

Neurologist – a specialist trained in central nervous system health care including brain and nerve function. A neurologist is a qualified surgeon for brain and nerve conditions.

Cardiologist – a specialist trained in heart health care, including surgical interventions.


For more information on a specialty or for a physician referral, call us at (956) 622-5379 and let us help you find the physician that’s right for you.